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Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/30/2019 Paul Tranquilli, Lawrence Livmore National Laboratory Changho Kim Rosenbrock-Krylov Methods for Large Systems of Differential Equations
9/13/2019 Anna Ma, UC San Diego Chango Kim Variants of the Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm and their Applications
9/27/2019 Daniele Venturi, UC Santa Cruz Changho Kim Data-driven Computational Optimal Control Algorithms for Stochastic Dynamical Systems
10/4/2019 Christel Hohenegger, University of Utah Changho Kim Simulations of Particles in a Thermally Fluctuating Viscoelastic Fluid
10/11/2019 Benedikt Harrer, San Jose University Mayya Tokman Active, Collaborative Learning in Physics: Modeling Energy Dynamics with Energy-Interaction Diagrams
10/18/2019 Jacob (Koby) Rubinstein, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Boaz Ilan Optimal Transport and Geometrical Optics
10/25/2019 Yu-Hang Tang, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Changho Kim TBD
11/8/2019 Lisa J. Fauci, Tulane University Shilpa Khatri Helical Swimming and Helical Buckling - Explorations in Elastohydrodynamics at the Microscale
11/22/2019 Vladimir Rosenhaus, CSU Chico Boaz Ilan TBD
12/6/2019 John Lowengrub, UC Irvine Chango Kim TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/23/2019 Liang Zhang, University of Connecticut Liang Shi Computational Design of Core-shell Nanostructured Materials for Catalysis
8/30/2019 Maria Zoghbi, UC Merced Erik Menke Biocehmical Studies of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
9/6/2019 Ryan Baxter, UC Merced Erik Menke Single-electron Transfers: From Synthetic Methods to Electroresponsive Materials
9/13/2019 Hrant Hratchian, UC Merced Erik Menke Towards Practical and Accurate Simulations of Electron Detachment from Transition to Metal Oxide Clusters
9/20/2019 Adriaan Bax, National Institutes of Health Andy Liwang Studies of Protein Folding, Unfolding, and Misfolding by Rapid Pressure Jump NMR
9/27/2019 Wilson Ho, UC Irvine Tao Ye Space-Time Quantum Information in Single Molecules
10/11/2019 Wei Xiong, UC San Diego Tao Ye Ultrafast Dynamics and Interactions of Molecules in the Strong Coupling Limit
10/25/2019 Alex Ayzner, UC Santa Cruz Christine Isborn Scrambled Eggs and Ladders: Understanding Formation and Exciton Transport of Aqueous Inter-Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Complexes
11/8/2019 Dean Tantillo, UC Davis Hrant Hratchian Walking in the Woods with Quantum Chemistry - Unexpected Discoveries in the World of Terpene Biosynthesis
11/15/2019 Jani Ingram, Northern Arizona University Erik Menke Environmental Health Studies on Navajo Lands
11/22/2019 TBD TBD TBD
12/6/2019 TBD TBD TBD
12/13/2019 TBD TBD TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
9/6/2019 Jorge G. Moreno Soto, Pomona College Kinjal Dasbiwas Galaxy Encounters: From the Interstellar Medium to the Cosmic Web
9/13/2019 Samuel Safran, Weizmann Institute of Science Kinjal Dasbiwas Nonlinear Dynamics of Spontaneously Beating Heart Cells
9/20/2019 Tzu-Ming Lu, Sandia National Lab Michael Scheibner SiGe-based Quantum Electronic Devices
9/27/2019 Mehran Karder, MIT Daniel Beller Force From Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations in QED and Active Matter
10/4/2019 Ettore Vitali, CSU Fresno David Strubbe Compututational Physics: Computers as Virtual Laboratories to Study Quantum Systems
10/11/2019 Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, UC Santa Cruz Ajay Gopinathan Cosmic Alchemy in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
10/18/2019 Chih-Chun Chien, UC Merced Kinjal Dasbiwas Surprises in Transport of Particles and Energy
10/25/2019 Tugrul Senger, Izmir Institute of Technology Mehmet Baykara TBD
11/1/2019 Cristina Marchetti, UC Santa Barbara Daniel Bellar TBD
11/8/2019 Mark O. Robbins, Johns Hopkins University Mehmet Baykara TBD
11/15/2019 Julio Barreiro, UC San Diego Chih-Chun Chien TBD
11/22/2019 Paul Atzberger, UC Santa Barbara Kinjal Dasbiwas TBD
12/6/2019 Meng Shen, University of Chicago Daniel Beller TBD
12/13/2019 Alexander Levine, UC Los Angeles  Kinjal Dasbiwas TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/30/2019 Faculty, Lightening Talks - -
9/6/2019 Dr. Richard Locksley, UC San Francisco Julia Alvarez

Innate Allergy - Curiouser and Curiouser

9/13/2019 Ruth Timme, FDA Emily Jane McTavish Global microbial pathogen surveillance using phylogenomics and the GenomeTrakr network
9/20/2019 Roberto C. Andresen Eguiluz, UC Merced Emily Jane McTavish Design Principles of Mussel-Inspired Surface Primers with Catechol-cation Adhesion Synergy
9/27/2019 Jeramiah Smith, University of Kentucky Chris Amemiya Genome Reprogramming over Eons and Embryogenesis: Insights from the Sea Lamprey
10/4/2019 Jason Shepherd, University of Utah Ramen Saha Virus-like Mechanisms of Intercellular Communication in the Nervous System
10/11/2019 Angela Brooks, UC Santa Cruz Anna Beaudin Full-Length Alternative Transcript Isoform Analysis Using Long-read Nanopore Sequencing
10/18/2019 Rachael Bay, UC Davis Jessica Blois Climate Adaptation and Vulnerability Across the Life Cycle of a Migratory Bird
10/25/2019 Nitin Phadnis, University of Utah Anna Beaudin Genomic Conflicts and the Molecular Basis of Speciation
11/1/2019 Bin Chen, UC Santa Cruz Xuecai Ge TBD
11/8/2019 Dion Dickman, University of Southern California Fred Wolf TBD
11/15/2019 Syndey Glassman, UC Riverside Steve Hart TBD
11/22/2019 Frank Burbrink, American Museum of Natural History Dan Edwards TBD
12/6/2019 Ashkaan Fahimipour, UC Davis Justin Yeakel TBD
12/13/2019 Orion Weiner, UC San Francisco Stephanie Woo TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
2/15/2019 Zack Powell, UC Berkeley Shilpa Khatri Coral Larval in the South China Sea: A Model Example for Acropora Millepora from Reefs in the Spratly Islands
3/15/2019 Sarah Hamilton, Marquette Shilpa Khatri Robust Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging: Extensions of D-bar Methods to Deep Learning and Super Resolution
4/12/2019 Will Pazner, LLNL Mayya Tokman Efficient Solvers and Sparse Discretizations for very High-order Finite Element Methods
5/10/2019 Ludvig af Klinteberg, SFU/KTH Shilpa Khatri A Hybrid Integral Equation Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/18/2019 Jeffrey Gustafson, SDSU Ben Stokes Axial Chirality as a Tool in Drug Discovery and an Inspiration for New Chemistry
1/25/2019 Yuan Ping, UC Santa Cruz David Strubbe First-principles Study of Complex Defects: From Polaronic Conduction to Single Photon Emission
2/1/2019 Olaseni Sode, CSU LA Michelle Leslie Exploring the Electronic and Vibrational Structure of Carbon Dioxide
2/8/2019 Javier Vela-Becerra, Iowa State University Christine Isborn / Dave Kelley Chemistry of Clean Energy Materials: From Halide Perovskites to Binary Metal Phosphides
2/11/2019 Alfredo Angeles-Boza Christine Isborn Tale of Two Projects: From Antimicrobial Peptides to CO2 Reduction
2/15/2019 NO SEMINAR - -
2/22/2019 GVW - -
3/1/2019 Ozcan Gulacar, UC Davis Michelle Leslie Why Should We Dig Deeper?: Insights Gained from an In-depth Analysis of Chemistry Students’ Solutions
3/4/2019 Daniel Crawford, Virginia Tech Hrant Hratchian The Mysteries of Chirality, Solvation, and Optical Activity
3/8/2019 Hai-Lung Dai, Temple University Tao Ye Structure and Dynamics at the Surface of Colloidal Objects – from Metallic Nanoparticles to Biological Cells – by Nonlinear Ligh
3/15/2019 Tobin Sosnick, University of Chicago Victor Munoz Protein Folding: Mechanisms, why use alpha-amino acids, and v fast simulations
3/22/2019 NO SEMINAR - -
3/29/2019 SPRING BREAK - -
4/5/2019 NO SEMINAR - -
4/12/2019 Tim Clark, University of San Diego Ben Stokes Accessing Ambiphilic Phosphine Boronates by Phosphine-Directed C–H Borylation
4/19/2019 Josette Marrero, Sonoma Technology Aurora Pribram-Jones Airborne Measurements and Air Quality Impacts of the 2016 California Soberanes Wildfire
4/26/2019 Kristi Closser, CSU Fresno Christine Isborn Modeling high energy electronic excitations: From helium clusters to the next-generation of photolithography
5/3/2019 Jeff Peng, University of Notre Dame Eva de Alba Exploring the Role of Protein Conformational Dynamics in Molecular Recognition using NMR
5/10/2019 Frank Graziani, LLNL David Strubbe High Energy Density Physics and the Modeling of Extreme States of Matter
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/22/2019 Oleg Boris Kogan Ajay Gopinathan Towards a realistic minimal model of long-range plant pathogen transport by wind
1/25/2019 Kinjal Dasbiswas, UC Merced Dan Beller Molecular Motors use Mechanical Forces to Self-organize in the Noisy Interior of Cells: Does this Help?
2/1/2019 Vernita Gordon (student-invited), UT Austin Kinjal Dasbiswas Infections may resist the immune system using soft-matter mechanics

Byoung, Ham Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Lin Tian A Wavelength Convertible Quantum Memory: Controlled Echo
2/8/2019 Daniel Beller, UC Merced Kinjal Dasbiswas Topological Defect Lines and Loops in Liquid Crystals, in and far from Equilibrium
2/15/2019 Eva Silverstein, Stanford Ajay Gopinathan Accelerated Expansion of the Universe: Problems and Progress
2/22/2019 GVW N/A -
3/1/2019 Anna Mercedes-Nirenberg, JPL Ajay Gopinathan Testing the Nature of Dark Matter with Strong Gravitational Lensing
3/8/2019 APS N/A -
3/15/2019 Jun Allard, UC Irvine Jing Xu Force-sensitivity and Cooperativity Arising from Polymer Properties of Formins and other Intrinsically Disordered Molecules
3/22/2019 Udo Schwarz, Yale Mehmet Baykara Visualizing and Shaping the Nanoworld: From the Quantitative Interrogation of Site- and Species-Specific Interactions of Atoms
3/29/2019 SPRING BREAK N/A -
4/5/2019 Jessica Kirkpatrick, Slack David Strubbe Astrophysicist to Data Scientist
4/12/2019 Robert Jorstad, Alan Hancock Jing Xu Service Learning in Physics
4/19/2019 Ahmet Yildiz, UC Berkeley Jing Xu The Mechanism and Regulation of Dynein Motility
4/26/2019 William Irvine, University of Chicago Dustin Kleckner Spinning Top-ology
5/3/2019 Lulu Qian, Caltech William Delmas A Cargo-sorting DNA Robot
5/3/2019 Sonja Grondalski, Physical Review Letters Michael Scheibner Physical Review Letters
5/6/2019 Hsi-Sheng Goan, National Taiwan University Lin Tian Robust and High-Fidelity Quantum Control for Quantum Computing
5/10/2019 Undergraduate Thesis Presentations - Undergraduate Thesis Presentations
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/25/2019 Ned Wingreen, Princeton Ajay Gopinathan Magic Numbers in Protein Phase Transitions
2/1/2019 Tyrone Hayes, IB, UC Berkeley RadioBio From Silent Spring to Silent Night: A Tale of Toads and Men
2/8/2019 Eric Delwart, UCSF Juris Grasis Koch's Postulates in the Age of Viral Metgenomics
2/15/2019 Deb Gordon, Stanford Dave Ardell The Ecology of Collective Behavior
2/22/2019 Sam Wasser, U. Washington Chris Amemiya Intelligence-led Forensic Science: Combatting the Illegal Ivory Trade Amidst a Burgeoning World Market
3/1/2019 Joanne Emerson, UC Davis Carolin Frank Soil Viral Impacts on Microbial Ecology and Carbon Cycling in Natural and Agricultural Ecosystems
3/8/2019 Sara Baguskas, SFSU Jason Sexton Coastal Fog Enhances Crop Water use Efficiency in a California Agricultural System
3/15/2019 Kaoru Saijo, UC Berkeley Anna Beaudin Microglia in Early Brain Development
3/22/2019 Joseph Bondy-Denomy, UCSF Mark Sistrom How Bacteriophages Protect Themselves from CRISPR-Cas Immunity
3/29/2019 SPRING BREAK N/A -
4/5/2019 Kathryn Milligan-Myhre, U. Alaska QSB Grad student hosted (Sabah Ul-Hasan) From the Field to the Bench: Using an Evolutionary Model Organism for Host-Microbe Interaction Studies
4/12/2019 Britt Koskella, UC Berkeley Mark Sistrom Phriends, Phoes, and Phages in the Phyllosphere
4/19/2019 Roberta Pelanda, U Colorado Katrina Hoyer To B or not to B? PI3K decides!
4/26/2019 Todd Holmes, UCI Andy LiWang Should I stay or should I go? Light Driven Choice Mechanisms in Flies and Mosquitoes
5/3/2019 David Neale, UC Davis Emily Moran The Conifers: Genomes, Complex Traits and Adaption
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
9/14/2018 Tommaso Buvoli, UC Merced Maxime Theillard Polynomial-Based Time Integrators
9/28/2018 Nick Knight, UC Merced Maxime Theillard Butterflies in layered media
10/5/2018 Helen Moore, AstraZeneca Suzanne Sindi Examples of Mathematical Modeling in Drug Development
10/12/2018 Mark Hoefer, CU Boulder Boaz Ilan Dispersive Hydrodynamics: The Mathematics and Physics of Nonlinear Waves in Dispersive Media
10/19/2018 David Saintillan, UCSD Maxime Theillard From Bacteria to Chromosomes: Hydrodynamic Self-Organization of Biological Active Matter
11/2/2018 Marcella Gomez, UC Santa Cruz Roummel Marcia Engineering Cellular Response
11/9/2018 Oscar Bruno, CalTech Camille Carvalho Propagation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Time-Domain Transients, Pure Frequencies, and the Fourier Transform
12/7/2018 Barbara Prinari, CU Colorado Springs Boaz Ilan Scalar, Vector and Matrix Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations: A Bright and Dark Soliton Zoo
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/24/2018 Shahar Sukenik,UC Merced Erik Menke The Interplay Between Proteins and Their Environment
8/31/2018 Grace Stokes, Santa Clara University Anne Kelley Nonlinear Optical Studies of Drug-Lipid Interactions
9/7/2018 Brian Stoltz, Cal Tech Ben Stokes Complex Natural Products as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic ChemistryComplex Natural Products as a Driving Force for Discovery in Organic Chemistry
9/14/2018 Mike Harms, University of Oregon Shahar Sukenik Evolutionary Biochemistry
9/21/2018 Anthony Dutoi, University of the Pacific Christine Isborn Excitonic Coupled-cluster Theory for Large-scale Electronic Structure Calculations
9/28/2018 CANCELLED N/A -
10/5/2018 Leonard Mueller, UC Riverside Andy LiWang NMR Crystallography:  An Atomic-Resolution Probe of Structure, Function, and Mechanism for Materials Science and Structural Biol
10/12/2018 Hans Bechtel, LBNL Son Nguyen Committing SINS and Other Acts of Infrared
10/19/2018 David Morgan, UC Merced David Kelley Hole Trapping Dynamics in CdSe Semiconductor Nanoparticles
10/26/2018 Laura Gagliardi, University of Minnesota Christine Isborn/Hrant Hratchian Computational Design of Functionalized Metal–Organic Framework for Catalysis
11/2/2018 Shelley Claridge, Purdue Tao Ye Standing, Lying, and Sitting: Transforming the Cell Membrane to Interface with Synthetic Nanomaterials
11/9/2018 Caroline Jarrold, Indiana University Hrant Hratchian Electronic Structures of Undercoordinated Mixed Metal Oxide Clusters
11/16/2018 Kristi Closser, CSU Fresno Christine Isborn From Helium Clusters to the Next-Generation of Photolithography: Modeling High Energy Electronic Excitations
11/30/2018 Martin Moskovits, UC Santa Barbara Son Nguyen Plasmon-assisted Artificial Photosynthesis
12/7/2018 Akif Tezcan, UC San Diego Eva De Alba Chemical Design of Functional Protein Assemblies
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/24/2018 David Quint, UC Merced - NSF CREST - Cellular Transport: Environmental Interactions Lead to New Insights for in Vivo Motor Assisted Transport
8/31/2018 Florian Berger, Rockefeller University Jing Xu Molecular Biophysics of Hearing
9/7/2018 Leily Kiani, LLNL Jay Sharping Optical Fiber Technologies for Commercial and High Energy Physics Applications
9/14/2018 Erik Luijten, Northwestern University Linda Hirst Dynamic Collective Behavior of Active Colloids
9/21/2018 Zvonimir Dogic, UC Santa Barbara Linda Hirst Rafts in Colloidal Membranes
9/28/2018 Tammy Ma, LLNL Sayantani Ghosh X-Ray Analysis Group Lead for Inertial Confinement Fusion
10/5/2018 Ryan Mcgorty, UC Davis Arvind Gopinath Measuring Dynamics with Digital Fourier Microscopy Techniques: From DNA Diffusing in Cytoskeletal Network to Waves at Fluid Surf
10/12/2018 Vincenzo Vitelli, University of Chicago Ajay Gopinathan Topological Soft Matter
10/19/2018 Hakeem Oluseyi, NASA Science Mission Directorate (MACES) Jennifer Lu Hacking the Stars
10/26/2018 Natasha Batalha, UC Santa Cruz Ajay Gopinathan Interpreting Exo-Planetary Atmospheres with the Next Generation Space-Based Telescope
11/2/2018 Andrew Wetzel, UC Davis David Strubbe Simulating the Milky Way
11/9/2018 Keith Brown, Boston University Mehmet Baykara Making, Studying, and Designing Hierarchically Structured Soft Materials
11/16/2018 Elena Koslover, UC San Diego Ajay Gopinathan Transport and Search Processes in Cellular Structures
11/30/2018 Justin Burton, Emory Dustin Kleckner Emergent Dynamics in Classical Many-Body Systems
12/7/2018 Undergrad Thesis Presentations    
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/24/2018 Faculty lightning talks -  
8/31/2018 Faculty lightning talks -  
9/7/2018 Allison Hansen, UC Riverside Gordon Bennett It’s a Small, Small World: Function of Small RNAs in Small Genomes
9/14/2018 Gregory Mutumi, UC Merced Jessica Blois Morphological Diversification under high Integration in a Hyper diverse Mammal Clade
9/21/2018 Shahar Sukenik, UC Merced Jessica Blois How do changes in the cellular environment affect the cell’s proteins?
9/28/2018 Shaeri Mukherjee, UC San Francisco Clarissa Nobile Turning Pathogens into Cell Biology Tools
10/5/2018 Danielle Grotjahn, UC San Diego Jing Xu It Takes Two to Cargo: Mechanisms of Dynein Regulation Revealed by Cryo-Electron Tomography
10/12/2018 Whendee Silver, UC Berkely Steve Hart How Biogeochemistry Might Save the Day: Climate Change Solutions on Natural and Working Lands
10/19/2018 Shona Mokerjee, Touro University Miriam Barlow Understanding the Role of Cellular Bioenergetics in Metabolism, Health, and Disease
10/26/2018 JGI Symposium, JGI Suzanne Sindi Presentations
11/2/2018 Felipe Zapata, UCLA Emily Jane McTavish Towards Understanding the Evolution of Plant Diversity: Insights from Integrative Systematics
11/9/2018 Jarrod A. Dudakov, Fred Hutch Cancer Center Joel Spencer Innate Mechanisms Controlling Endogenous Tissue Regeneration
11/16/2018 Daron Freedberg, FDA, Wash DC Patti LiWang NMR of Glycans ON and OFF cells
11/30/2018 Rajat Rohatgi, Stanford Susan Ge Genetic Dissection of Signaling Pathways in Cultured Cells
12/7/2018 Peter Bradley, UCLA Anh Diep (Graduate Student) Unraveling the Composition and Function of the Toxoplasma Gondii Inner Membrane Complex