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Applied Mathematics

Chemical and Chemistry Biology


Quantititative Sysmtems Biology

Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/28/2020 NONE - -
9/4/2020 NONE - -
9/11/2020 NONE - -
9/18/2020 NONE - -
9/25/2020 Amala Mahadevan, Woods Hole Oceanography Institute Erica Rutter/Shilpa Khatri Sinking Particles in The Ocean
10/2/2020 NONE - -
10/9/2020 NONE - -


Ricardo Cortez, Tulane University Shilpa Khatri Computational Models of Self-Propelled Microscopic Elastic Filaments in a Viscuous Fluid with Biological Applications
10/23/2020 NONE - -
10/30/2020 Jeff Hittenger, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Erica Rutter Simulating at the Extreme: Making Every Bit Count
11/6/2020 TBD TBD TBD
11/13/2020 Deanna Needell, UC Los Angeles Chrysoula Tsogka Online Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Markovian and Other Real Data
11/20/2020 TBD TBD TBD
11/27/2020 HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
12/4/2020 TBD TBD TBD
12/11/2020 Kristin Swanson, Mayo Clinic Erica Rutter TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/28/2020 NONE - Course Intro - -
9/4/2020 Journal - -
9/11/2020 Oliver Gessner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Son Nguyen Electronic Dynamics Underlying Molecular & Nanoplasmonic Light Harvesting Studied by X-Ray Spectroscopy
9/18/2020 Journal - -
9/25/2020 Leili Zhang, IBM Liang Shi Structural Basis of the Potential Binding Mechanism of Remdesivir to SARS-CoV-2 RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase
10/2/2020 Journal - -

Cancelled - Renee Frontiera, University of Minnesota

Son Nguyen Spectroscopic Probes of Plasmon-Driven Chemical Reactions
10/16/2020 Journal - -
10/23/2020 Shaama Mallikarjun Sharada, University of Southern California Hrant Hratchian The Pursuit of Free Energies and Free Energy Relationships
10/30/2020 Journal - -
11/6/2020 Vincent Hilser, Johns Hopkins Mike Thompson Allosteric tuning of dynamics can drive cold adaptation in an enzyme
11/13/2020 Journal - -
11/20/2020 Benedetta Mennucci, Italy Christine Isborn Proteins & Light: Which Modeling?
11/27/2020 HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
12/4/2020 Journal - -
12/11/2020 Carlos Castaneda, Syracuse Shahar Sukenik TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/28/2020 Sharon Gerbode, Harvey Mudd Kinjal Dasbiswas Shape Matters - How Wavy Crystal Grains Shrink Faster
9/4/2020 David Grier, NYU Ajay Gopinathan Holography and the Pandemic: Using holographic video microscopy for rapid immunoassays
9/11/2020 Julia Yeomans, Oxford Daniel Beller Self-Propelled Topological Defects
9/18/2020 Moumita Das, Rochester Institute of Technology Daniel Beller Collective Behavior Underlying the Mechanobiology of Tissues
9/25/2020 Keir Neuman, NIH Jing Xiu Cracking and buckling: Defect Driven Mechanics of Collagen and DNA
10/2/2020 David Hogg, New York University  Sarah Loebman Seeing Orbits and Seeing the Dark Matter
10/9/2020 Nathaniel Stern, Northwestern University Sayantani Ghosh Playing with Photons in Flatland: Controlling Light and Matter in Two-Dimensional Methods
10/16/2020 Nicola Spaldin, ETH Zurich Beth Nowadnick From Materials to Cosmology: Studying the Early Universe Under the Microscope
10/23/2020 Félicie Albert, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory David Strubbe Laser-Plasma Accelerators: Next Generation X-Ray Light Sources
10/30/2020 Kelle Cruz, Hunter College Sarah Loebman Software Development, Collaboration, and Removing Barriers to Access in Astronomy
11/6/2020 Aristotle Socrates, TextNow and UCSC Daniel Beller TBD
11/13/2020 Oskar Hallatschek, UC Berkeley Daniel Beller Biophysics (Experiment)
11/20/2020 Gurtina Besla, University of Arizona Sarah Loebman The Milky Way in Motion
11/27/2020 HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
12/4/2020 Brian Utter, UC Merced Daniel Beller TBD
12/11/2020 PHYS 196 Presentations - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/28/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
9/4/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
9/11/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
9/18/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
9/25/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
10/2/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
10/9/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
10/16/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
10/23/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
10/30/2020 Ehab Abouheif, McGill University Reo Maynard How Ants and Bacteria Became One
11/6/2020 TBD TBD TBD
11/13/2020 TBD TBD TBD
11/20/2020 Scott Gillbert & Dania Matos, Swarthmore College & UC Merced Chris Amemiya TBD
12/4/2020 TBD TBD TBD
12/11/2020 TBD TBD TBD
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/24/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
1/31/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/7/2020 Job Candidate Erica Rutter TBD
2/14/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/21/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/28/2020 Stéphane Gaudreault, Meteorological research division, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Government of Canada   An Applied Mathematical View of Meteorology and Weather Prediction
3/6/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
3/13/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
3/20/2020 CANCELLED - -
3/27/2020 HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
4/3/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/10/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/17/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/24/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/1/2020 CANCELLED  -
5/8/2020 CANCELLED - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/24/2020 NO SPEAKER  - -
1/31/2020 Heather Kulik, MIT Hrant Hratchian Molecular design blueprints: materials and catalysts from new simulation and machine learning tools
2/6/2020 Attila Cangi, Sandia National Laboratory Aurora Pribram-Jones First-Principles Modeling of Warm Dense Matter
2/14/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/21/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/28/2020 J. Vincent Ortiz, Auburn Hrant Hratchian Correlated, One-Electron Theories of Chemical Bonding and Spectra: Applications to Exotic Anions
3/6/2020 Thomas Kim, St. John Fisher College Erik Menke Discipline-Based Education Research: A Case Study
3/13/2020 CANCELLED Ryan Altman, University of Kansas Ben Stokes  Fun with Fluorine: from Deoxytrifluoromethylation to para-Selective C–H Functionalization
3/20/2020 CANCELLED -
3/27/2020  HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
4/3/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/10/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/17/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
4/24/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/1/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/8/2020 CANCELLED - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/24/2020 Loren Hough, University of Colorado, Boulder Jing Xu Disorder as a Driver of Biological Filtration
1/31/2020 Jeffrey Neaton, LBNL David Strubbe Novel Materials for Energy Applications from First Principles
2/7/2020 Brian Nord, Fermi lab/UChicago Sarah Loebman AI In the Sky: The Promise and Peril for the use of Artificial Intelligence in Cosmology and Society
2/14/2020 Rena Zieve, UC Davis Dustin Kleckner Cyclone of a Cell: Single Vortex Studies
2/21/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/28/2020 Adrian Lupascu, University of Waterloo Lin Tian Design of High-Order and Long-Range Interactions for Quantum Annealers
3/6/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
3/13/2020 Nir Gov, Weizmann Institute Kinjal Dasbiswas The Physics of Cooperative Transport in Groups of Ants
3/20/2020 CANCELLED - -
3/27/2020 HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
4/3/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/10/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/17/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/24/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/1/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/8/2020 CANCELLED - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
1/24/2020 Rachel Meyer, UC Conservation Genomics Consortium Jason Sexton The California Environmental DNA (CALeDNA) Program: An Adventurous Experiment by the UC Conservation Genomics Consortium
1/31/2020 Noah Whiteman, UC Berkeley Gordon Bennett The Evolution of Novelty by Small Steps and Giant Leaps: A Tale of Two Toxins
2/7/2020 Petra Kranzfelder, UC Merced Seminar Committee Undergraduate Biology Instructors Mostly Use Teacher-Centered Discourse Even When Teaching in Active Learning Environments
2/14/2020 NO SPEAKER - -
2/21/2020 Graduate Lightning Talks for Grad Visitation Weekend Seminar Committee -
2/28/2020 Scott Roy, UC Merced  - Biological Inquiry Using Comparative Genomics
3/6/2020 Devavani Chatterjea, Macalester Jen Manilay Mast Cells, Cosmetics, Chronic Pain: Surprising Links in Vulvodynia
3/13/2020 Kimberly Tanner, SFSU RadioBio / SACNAS Talk Matters: Investigating the Nature of Non-Content Classroom Language—Instructor Talk—that May Mediate Student Inclusion
3/20/2020 CANCELLED - -
3/27/2020 HOLIDAY - NO SPEAKER - -
4/3/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/10/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/17/2020 CANCELLED - -
4/24/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/1/2020 CANCELLED - -
5/8/2020 CANCELLED - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/30/2019 Paul Tranquilli, Lawrence Livmore National Laboratory Changho Kim Rosenbrock-Krylov Methods for Large Systems of Differential Equations
9/13/2019 Anna Ma, UC San Diego Chango Kim Variants of the Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm and their Applications
9/27/2019 Daniele Venturi, UC Santa Cruz Changho Kim Data-driven Computational Optimal Control Algorithms for Stochastic Dynamical Systems
10/4/2019 Christel Hohenegger, University of Utah Changho Kim Simulations of Particles in a Thermally Fluctuating Viscoelastic Fluid
10/11/2019 Benedikt Harrer, San Jose University Mayya Tokman Active, Collaborative Learning in Physics: Modeling Energy Dynamics with Energy-Interaction Diagrams
10/18/2019 Jacob (Koby) Rubinstein, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Boaz Ilan Optimal Transport and Geometrical Optics
10/25/2019 Yu-Hang Tang, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Changho Kim Marginalized Graph Kernels for Learning on Molecules: Theory, Software, Stack, and Applications
11/8/2019 Lisa J. Fauci, Tulane University Shilpa Khatri Helical Swimming and Helical Buckling - Explorations in Elastohydrodynamics at the Microscale
11/22/2019 Vladimir Rosenhaus, CSU Chico Boaz Ilan Invariant, partially invariant and semi-invariant solutions of nonlinear PDE's, and surfactant-driven flows.
12/6/2019 NO SPEAKER - -
12/13/2019 NO SPEAKER - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/23/2019 Liang Zhang, University of Connecticut Liang Shi Computational Design of Core-shell Nanostructured Materials for Catalysis
8/30/2019 Maria Zoghbi, UC Merced Erik Menke Biocehmical Studies of ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters
9/6/2019 Ryan Baxter, UC Merced Erik Menke Single-electron Transfers: From Synthetic Methods to Electroresponsive Materials
9/13/2019 Hrant Hratchian, UC Merced Erik Menke Towards Practical and Accurate Simulations of Electron Detachment from Transition to Metal Oxide Clusters
9/20/2019 Adriaan Bax, National Institutes of Health Andy Liwang Studies of Protein Folding, Unfolding, and Misfolding by Rapid Pressure Jump NMR
9/27/2019 Wilson Ho, UC Irvine Tao Ye Space-Time Quantum Information in Single Molecules
10/11/2019 Wei Xiong, UC San Diego Tao Ye Ultrafast Dynamics and Interactions of Molecules in the Strong Coupling Limit
10/25/2019 Alex Ayzner, UC Santa Cruz Christine Isborn Scrambled Eggs and Ladders: Understanding Formation and Exciton Transport of Aqueous Inter-Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Complexes
11/1/2019 Dean Tantillo, UC Davis Hrant Hratchian Walking in the Woods with Quantum Chemistry - Unexpected Discoveries in the World of Terpene Biosynthesis
11/15/2019 Jani Ingram, Northern Arizona University Erik Menke Environmental Health Studies on Navajo Lands
11/22/2019 David Prendergast, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory David Strubbe Understanding the Importance of Active Minorities in Energy Conversion and Storage
12/6/2019 NO SPEAKER - -
12/13/2019 NO SPEAKER - -
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
9/6/2019 Jorge G. Moreno Soto, Pomona College Kinjal Dasbiwas Galaxy Encounters: From the Interstellar Medium to the Cosmic Web
9/13/2019 Samuel Safran, Weizmann Institute of Science Kinjal Dasbiwas Nonlinear Dynamics of Spontaneously Beating Heart Cells
9/20/2019 Tzu-Ming Lu, Sandia National Lab Michael Scheibner SiGe-based Quantum Electronic Devices
9/27/2019 Mehran Karder, MIT Daniel Beller Force From Non-Equilibrium Fluctuations in QED and Active Matter
10/4/2019 Ettore Vitali, CSU Fresno David Strubbe Compututational Physics: Computers as Virtual Laboratories to Study Quantum Systems
10/11/2019 Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, UC Santa Cruz Ajay Gopinathan Cosmic Alchemy in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy
10/18/2019 Chih-Chun Chien, UC Merced Kinjal Dasbiswas Surprises in Transport of Particles and Energy
10/25/2019 Tugrul Senger, Izmir Institute of Technology Mehmet Baykara Thermoelectric Performance of Two-Dimensional Materials
11/1/2019 Alex Petersen, UC Merced Kinjal Dasbiswas Cross-Disciplinary Adventures in Complex Systems: From Physics to Management Science
11/8/2019 Mark O. Robbins, Johns Hopkins University Mehmet Baykara A "Rough" View on Friction and Adhesion
11/15/2019 Julio Barreiro, UC San Diego Chih-Chun Chien Ultracold Strontium for Condensed-Matter Simulations and Quantum Sensing
11/22/2019 Srividya Iyer-Biswas, Purdue University  Kinjal Dasbiwas From Frozen to Flowing Time
11/22/2019 (additional seminar) Rudro Rana Biswas, Purdue University Chih-Chun Chien Exploiting Geometry and Disorder in Exotic Quantum States of Matter
12/6/2019 Meng Shen, University of Chicago Daniel Beller The Understanding and Design of Composite Soft Materials
12/13/2019 Alexander Levine, UC Los Angeles  Kinjal Dasbiwas Exploring Soft Low-Dimensional Structures in the Cell: Fluctuations, Mechanics, and Geometry
Date Speaker, Institution Host Topic of Seminar
8/30/2019 Faculty, Lightening Talks - -
9/6/2019 Dr. Richard Locksley, UC San Francisco Julia Alvarez

Innate Allergy - Curiouser and Curiouser

9/13/2019 Ruth Timme, FDA Emily Jane McTavish Global microbial pathogen surveillance using phylogenomics and the GenomeTrakr network
9/20/2019 Roberto C. Andresen Eguiluz, UC Merced Emily Jane McTavish Design Principles of Mussel-Inspired Surface Primers with Catechol-cation Adhesion Synergy
9/27/2019 Jeramiah Smith, University of Kentucky Chris Amemiya Genome Reprogramming over Eons and Embryogenesis: Insights from the Sea Lamprey
10/4/2019 Jason Shepherd, University of Utah Ramen Saha Virus-like Mechanisms of Intercellular Communication in the Nervous System
10/11/2019 Angela Brooks, UC Santa Cruz Anna Beaudin Full-Length Alternative Transcript Isoform Analysis Using Long-read Nanopore Sequencing
10/18/2019 Rachael Bay, UC Davis Jessica Blois Climate Adaptation and Vulnerability Across the Life Cycle of a Migratory Bird
10/25/2019 Nitin Phadnis, University of Utah Anna Beaudin Genomic Conflicts and the Molecular Basis of Speciation
11/1/2019 Bin Chen, UC Santa Cruz Xuecai Ge Lineage Progression of Neural Stem Cells in the Developing Cerebral Cortex
11/8/2019 Dion Dickman, University of Southern California Fred Wolf Homeostatic Control of Synaptic Growth and Plasticity
11/15/2019 Syndey Glassman, UC Riverside Steve Hart A Tale of Two Megafires : Building Towards Generalizable Traits of Fire Fungi
11/22/2019 Frank Burbrink, American Museum of Natural History Dan Edwards Understanding the Origins and Diversification of Snakes Using Machine Learning Approaches
12/6/2019 Ashkaan Fahimipour, UC Davis Justin Yeakel Toward an Ecophysical Theory for the Dynamics of Complex Microbial Systems
12/13/2019 Orion Weiner, UC San Francisco Stephanie Woo The Role of Shape and Timing and Cell Decision-Making