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School of Natural Sciences

Graduate Student Research

Graduate Student Research (GSR) positions are typically supported through external funding agencies for specific research projects. Graduate students may assist with research in a wide variety of ways, and some projects may provide opportunities for advanced students to lead certain efforts, with guidance and oversight of the principal investigator. GSRs are especially valuable for graduate students pursuing research careers.

Tuition and Fees for students with a GSR

Graduate student researchers are selected for high achievement and promise as creative scholars, and assist faculty members with scholarly research. They may or may not collaborate in the publication of research results as determined by supervising faculty members.

In order to qualify for a GSR position, you must be registered and enrolled as a UC Merced graduate student. GSRs must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, hold a cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the time of appointment and be appointed for no more than 50 percent time. If a GSR holds multiple appointments, the combined appointments may not exceed 50 percent time.

GSRs must serve under the active supervision of a UC Merced faculty member.

If you have a 24 percent GSR (or higher) or a 25 percent TA (or higher) appointment and you are enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, your tuition, student services fee and health insurance fees will be paid via a fee remission (i.e., the funding source for your appointment will pay these fees as a benefit of employment).

Fee remissions will be processed over the next few weeks. As long as your campus based fees are paid by the payment deadline, there should be no late fee assessed. If this occurs by mistake, please notify the Graduate Division via email.

Learn more about GSR pay rates.