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Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Chemistry is often called the central science because of the key position it occupies in modern science and engineering. Most phenomena in the physical, biological and earth sciences can be described in terms of the chemical and physical behavior of atoms and molecules, and chemical principles also underlie progress in medicine and engineering. In addition, chemical sciences are fascinating and often beautiful in their own right.

The UC Merced graduate program in Chemistry and Chemical Biology is a research-based graduate program focused on interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research. Chemistry research occurs at the ever-blurring interface between chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering, and ranges from studying how HIV targets cells and the chemical origins of life to visualizing chemical reactions and improving solar cell efficiencies. Chemistry faculty members are committed to excellence in research and instruction, and have won a variety of awards at regional, national, and international levels. Our collaborative environment, coupled with strong research ties inside UC Merced and across the country, provide students with opportunities to become excellent scientist while answering difficult, topical questions. UC Merced offers Ph.D. degrees in four emphasis tracks: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, and Chemical Biology.