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How do I register for Graduate Research units (295's)?

  1. Email a request to your faculty advisor (or the faculty member with whom you are doing a rotation for the semester) with the course name and number (CHEM 295/MATH 295/PHYS 295/QSB 295) and the specific amountof research units you will need for for the semester.
    • Example: Could you approve me to take 8 units of CHEM 295? 
  2. Forward the email approval from your advisor (or rotating faculty) to the appropriate SNS graduate support staff:
  3. The SNS graduate staff will then email you the CRN to enroll in your CHEM 295/MATH 295/PHYS 295/QSB 295 course online.

How can I check my progress to degree completion?

MyAudit analyzes your degree requirements according to the catalog year when you entered UC Merced. The audit gives a complete picture regarding what degree requirements have been met, are in progress, and are still remaining. It is a quick tool that can be used to check your progress in your degree program. 

MyAudit instructions and FAQs can be accessed online at